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Hi everyone! My name is Tiffany and I am the mom behind Nugget & Sprout. I am a SAHM/WAHM to our 4 year old, with another little one on the way, who is hopefully waiting to make her appearance in July. I love crocheting, reading, cats, Pinterest, crafting and above all god and my family. My many titles are mommy, wife, crafty chick, boo boo kisser, daughter, sister, friend, southern lady, meal maker and much more!

As a stay at home mom I wanted something to do for myself. I have tried a few direct sales type jobs, but I realized I am not a sales person. Though I am a huge fan and supporter of those who make it work! You are AWESOME!  It just did not work for me, so I decided why not start a blog/business. I could write about and share the things I love. Like being a mom to Nugget and Sprout, crafts and DIY projects, recipes, or products that I just can not live without at the moment. I also wanted to share my crochet, bow making, and vinyl cutting services as well. Check out my shop and services page to see some of my past projects, and to find the link to my Etsy Shop.

So by now you are probably curious and what to know where did the name Nugget & Sprout come from…plan and simple Nugget & Sprout are the names we gave to our children while I was pregnant.

Nugget is our first born. She is my sweet, impatient, super sensitive preemie princess. She is 4 years old, loves superheroes, princess Elena, and is THE most picky eater. Nugget was born at just over 30 weeks, and I can honestly say she is my hero. We have dealt with heart issues at birth, acid reflux as a baby, toe walking, sensory issues, and some many other things, yet she always has a smile and continues to keep reaching higher.

Sprout is our second, and will be our last child. I am still currently pregnant with her and at the moment she is kicking the crap out of my bladder. I will update more on Sprout once her appearance has been made.

Well I hope you stick around and check out my blog posts for some great DIY, crafts, tips, tricks, and much more. Under the Shop and Services Page you can check out my past projects from crochet beanies, to sculpted hair bows, to vinyl decals. If you see anything you would like to purchase, or would like to know anything else about me, Nugget & Sprout, or working with us, please fill out the contact form or email us at nuggetandsprout@gmail.com!

With Love,

Tiffany, aka Mommy

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