Five Daily Must Dos to Feel Accomplished During the Third Trimester

Five Daily Must Dos to Feel Accomplished During the Third Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing experience, but it can be ROUGH! During the second trimester of pregnancy many of us have a few good weeks of what feels like boundless amounts of energy. We are getting the nursery ready, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, and getting out the house for some fun. But when we enter into the third trimester of pregnancy, that energy starts to fade. Finding the energy to get tasks accomplished becomes hard. If you are like me, you feel guilty about that. So I made a list of 5 daily must dos to help combat that guilt.

In the morning my energy is at it’s highest. I complete these simple task quickly, and the rest of the day I feel accomplished in my homemaking skills. It keeps the house looking put together and I don’t feel guilty, even if the toilets could use a nice scrub more frequently.

So what are my 5 daily must dos that make me feel accomplished?

Breakfast is a must

I eat a nice high protein breakfast and this helps give me energy to make it though my morning routine.

Do The Dishes

If there are any dishes in the drying rack from the night before put them away and wash up any dishes from breakfast. This keeps the sank free through out the day. If the dishes are not piled up in the sink, I find I am more apt to wash up the few dishes from lunch or snack time, rather than just throwing them on top the pile. This really helps keep the kitchen looking clean and I don’t have to spend what feels like all day washing a sink full of dishes.

Bonus tip: Our house also follows the “I cooked, you clean” rule. Since I cooked, the Hubby knows he cleans up from dinner. After dinner clean up each person is responsible for washing their own dishes.  I detest dirty dishes sitting in the sink over night.

Make up/Straighten up the beds

I must admit I am not one to make my bed everyday. However, if I straighten the bed up I find I feel more accomplished that day. I promise you will feel more comfortable, and accomplished, walking in and out of the room throughout the day, because the room looks more put together. It is amazing how unkempt or dirty a room looks when the bed is not straighten.


A few nights a week before bed I will put on a load of laundry and the Hubby will throw them in the drier before he comes to bed. In the morning I fold the laundry and put it away. It is that simple. This seems to work best for us at the moment. I do not feel like I am stick doing laundry all day, everyday. Plus with the lack of interest and energy I have in doing the laundry this will help keep the hamper from over flowing.

Get out of those pajamas

I do not mean go put a glamourous outfit with a full face of make up and do your hair up nice. Simply get out of the clothes you wore to bed the night before, wash your face, and brush your teeth. Sometime just putting on a pair of stretchy pants with a clean top, and pulling my hair up makes all the difference from just sitting around in what I wore to bed the night before.

If have a little more energy that morning I will choose one extra task to complete. Task may be to run the broom across the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room, or scrub the toilet and sink. That’s it!

I can usually complete these daily must dos within an hour. This is including time spent eating breakfast. Nugget will also help out with trying to make her own bed or helping fold laundry. She is such an eager helper and it makes the task a little more fun.

Depending on your schedule, or energy level, you might not be able to complete all this in the morning. Just come back later in the day and complete the tasks when you can. And if the dishes pile up or the clothes sit in the drier, that is ok too. Your are growing a little human, and that can be more than enough accomplishment for one day :)!

Have you been dealing with low energy levels and the guilt of not getting anything done?  Share below how you have been dealing with lower energy levels in Pregnancy.

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Gestational Diabetes and What I Am Doing to Control it

Gestational Diabetes and What I Am Doing to Control it

Today I hit 27 weeks in my pregnancy with Sprout. I am only 3 weeks away from the time in my pregnancy with Nugget in which she made her appearance. Having had both gestational diabetes and preeclampsia with her, as well as a single artery umbilical card, she became stressed and delivery at 30 weeks was our only option.

The closer I get to 30 weeks this pregnancy the more anxious I get. I have been keeping a close eye on my blood sugars, since around 14 weeks of pregnancy. I failed the early 1 hour gloucose by 1 point and decided to opt out the 3 hour. My doctor told me I would probably pass it, but I was not comfortable leaving it like that.

 So I requested strips and a meter to start checking my blood sugars 4 times a day. Boy am I glad I did. My blood sugar numbers had been all over the place, and at about 18 weeks I was put on a low dose of medication for gestational diabetes.

I was stressed and feeling guilty about having been diagnosed with gestational diabetes early on and having to go on medication. After talking with my doctor, and many other moms, I realized it’s nothing I was doing and stress was only going to make things worse. So, I got serious about what I have been eating and have been trying to staying healthier this pregnancy.

So far things feel a lot different this time around. I was miserable my last pregnancy. I didn’t enjoy it at all, but this go round I feel loads better, and I actually am enjoying the pregnancy. A big thanks for that goes to the fact that I have kept a more watchful eye on my blood sugar, my diet, and making myself be more physically active.

Even though medication has also helped with my pesky high numbers, I doesn’t not mean I can go crazy with what I eat. I still have to keep a close eye on what foods I am eating to keep my numbers in check.

So what do I eat to help keep my gestational diabetes in control?

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor a nutritionist. I am only sharing what I have found that is working for me at keeping my blood sugar numbers in check, while also keeping baby healthy. Please do your own research and definitely talk with your doctor and nutritionist before making any changes to your diet and physical activity level. 

I Eat a high protein breakfast

Mornings and after breakfast has been the most difficult time for me with controlling my numbers. I have found that I really can not eat any carbs that early in the day. So my usually go to breakfast of a granola bar, banana, cereal, or bagel was out the window. I basically eat eggs every morning with a side of meat such as a sausage patty or a few bacon strips. I have found that I can eat a few strawberries with this and my numbers stay down.

Lunch is usually a sandwich or leftovers

Before I got pregnant my day usually consisted of snacking on whatever I could pull out the pantry or get my hands on that day. Now I have to make sure I stop and eat a proper lunch. Most days it will consist of leftovers from dinner, but if the Hubby takes those or there were not any left overs I will usually eat a sandwich.

For my sandwiches I choose 100% Whole Gain Bread and load it up with meat. I typically will eat a grilled ham and cheese, and love the convenience of buying a rotisserie chicken to eat in sandwiches or salads throughout the week.

Another favorite lunch is to mix up some tuna and mayo for an easy sandwich and pair it with a giant pickle, or some veggies and hummus, for a quick and filling lunch.

Dinner has the most variety for me

I keep the freezer stocked up with crockpot meals. Our favorites are southwest chicken or chicken fajitas. I can eat them on lettuce for a low/no carb option, while the hubby can eat his in a tortilla.

Since the hubby grew up with an Italian grandmother, pasta is a must for him. If I stick to 100% whole wheat pasta I can have a little at dinner without it sending my numbers over, but if you want to stay away for carbs I suggest giving zoodles (zucchini noodles) a try. We have both grown to love these with many of our favorite Italian dishes. I use this Spiral Vegetable Slicer (aff link) to make them and I LOVE it.

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Other nights we stick to a meat, such as meat loaf or marinated grilled chicken with a side of peas, green beans, or corn. You can also check out my previous post on How I Make My Guilt Free Pizza for another quick and easy dinner option.

For snacks I typically stick to fruit and cheese

I also love low fat high protein vanilla Greek yogurt with a spoonful of any type of nut butter. I love ice cream and this satisfies my craving for it, but will not cause my numbers to go through the roof.

For on the go I carry around a container of roasted peanuts or protein bars in my purse. This keeps me from stopping to pick up fast food, but gives me a pick me up I need until I can get home for lunch or dinner.

Now I am not saying I am good and perfect all the time. Cravings hit me and I can not avoid them all together. When that happens I try to limit how much of something I do have. I will also try to get more physically active afterwards. This could be as simple as just getting up off my butt to straightening things around the house with some sweeping and vacuuming, to putting on my walking shoes and getting on the treadmill.

Have you been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? I would love to hear what has or has not worked for you.

What’s on my Baby Registry – Baby Number Two Edition

What's on my Baby Registry: Baby Number Two Edition

Finally it is all done! I went through all of the baby items we had stored from Nugget and are getting things ready for Sprout. While we held onto, and have been blessed to have had a lot of items passed down to us, there are still a few things we need to get. At first I was not going to worry with a baby registry, most of what we needed we could pick up here and there. But, a few family and friends ask about it, so I went on Amazon and Target to created a Baby Registry.

Of course there are always the basic items we will need like diapers and wipes, but I have been thinking about items that would have been so helpful to have the first time around or will make life a little easier with number 2 in tow.

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So what’s on our Baby Registry the second time around? I’ll tell you…

The Basics
  • Diapers in all sizes and wipes – We LOVE the Target brand
  • Diaper Disposable Bag Refills
  • Diaper Rash Cream – Nugget had horrible diaper rash and I found Balmex worked the best.
  • Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Lotion
  • Sippy Cup Lids – I LOVE the idea of turning any cup into a sippy cup
  • Silicone Placemats + Plate – I hated chasing a moving plate around and trying to prevent a mess. I can not wait to try these out.
  • Breast Feeding supplies – Disposable or washable nursing pads, nipple balm, these lactation cook mix I would love to try, milk storage bags, new parts like valves, and tubing. I also included microwave sterilize bags for cleaning pump parts. These were a blessing when I had nugget and saved so much time washing.
  • New Nipples for bottles – For Nugget I exclusively pumped for the first 6 months. While I hope to be able to breastfeed this time around, I know that may not be the case. So, I am preparing myself again to pump and bottle feed Sprout.
  • Hanging Kid’s Cups – This is an item I am including mostly for Nugget. I may not always be able to get up to get her a cup of water and being able to hang this from the fridge seems like a perfect solution. I know she is going to love them.
  • Dual Video Baby Monitor – We currently have a Summers Infant video monitor, but need a dual monitor because I still like the idea of keeping an eye on Nugget at night. This is the monitor we hope to get to replace what we have.
  • Double, or Sit and Stand Stroller – I am lucky enough to have friend give us a Joovy Caboose sit and stand stroller they no longer used. It is light weight, easy to use, and perfect for our busy life. I can not find the exact model they gave us, but you can find a one similar here.
  • Teething Silicon Necklaces – When Nugget was little I would never wear necklaces, because she would always put them in her mouth or pull on them. I LOVE the idea of still being about to wear jewelry, but it be functional as well.

Hoping you found this to be helpful as you prepare for you newest family member. I would love to hear what items you put on your Baby Registry? What items have you found to be helpful or just a waste? Comment below and let me know what you would include/change and please don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.



How I Make My Guilt Free Pizza

I LOVE pizza, but hate the calories and carbs that come along with eating it. Even before pregnancy and a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes I was on a journey to lose weight. I was always looking for a better way to enjoy the things I love without the guilt or pounds weighing me down.

One day In the grocery store I came across these Flatout Flatbread Wraps and pizza it became that night for dinner. The wraps do come in a variety of flavors, but I love these Italian herb ones for making pizzas.

My Guilt Free Pizza
Not only are these a guilt free and oh so delicious way to enjoy pizza, but it is a quick and easy meal perfect for busy week nights when all you want to do is stop for takeout!

So with out rambling on anymore about how wonderful these yummy pizzas are, let’s get to how I make my guilt free flatbread pizza

Preheat the oven to 400°F. Place flatbread on a baking sheet and place into the oven for 2 minutes. I do this because it makes the wraps nice and crispy.

My Guilt Free Pizza
Take flatbread out and top with sauce, cheese, and your choice of toppings. I am a pepperoni girl all the way, but veggies, sausage, shredded chicken or any of your favorite toppings will work.

My Guilt Free Pizza
Place back into the oven and back for 7 more minutes to melt the cheese. If your like me and want you cheese a bit more golden brown go for 10 minutes instead of 7.

My Guilt Free Pizza
Remove from the oven, cool for a couple minutes, slice up, and enjoy! You can pair it with a salad and there you have a nice meal in less than 30 minutes!

Hope you give this a try and let me know what you think. Also feel free to share some of your favorite guilt free recipes. I love to try new things out all the time.

Nugget’s Big Sister Kit with FREE Silhouette Cut File

As the arrival of Sprout gets closer and closer I have been thinking about all the things I need to get checked off my list like getting the nursery ready, shopping for those last minute needs, and packing a hospital bag. But the one thing I have found myself most concerned about is Nugget and her transition into becoming a big sister.

As I am sure many second (even 3rd, 4th, etc.) time moms understand the worry that I am feeling. Nugget will be away from Mommy and Daddy longer than she ever has before, and seeing Mommy in the hospital is going to be hard enough without dealing with the idea that Mommy now has another being needing her attention.

I also know it will be hard for her to see Sprout getting so much attention and so many new things, and I don’t want her to feel like she is not as important or special. This is as big of a day for her as anyone else.

So to show her just how amazing she is going to be as a big sister I decided to make her a Big Sister Kit. I plan to fill this bag up with lots of her favorite goodies and have it ready for her when she visits mommy and baby at the hospital.

Big Sister Kit with FREE Silhouette Cut File

Some items I plan on putting in the Big Sister Kit are…

  • Color pencils or crayons
  • Coloring book or drawing pad
  • A personalized book about being a big sister (I am thinking about this book here)
  • Blind bags (her latest obsession in toys)
  • Her favorite Snacks
  • Camera, she has this camera (aff link) already so I will probably just throw it into the bag.
  • Big Sister necklace (here is the one I am planning to order)
  • Big Sister Shirt
  • A new DVD

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UPDATE 4/23: I have purchased the Personalized book and the Necklace from the links above and I LOVE the products! The book’s story is super cute and comes with a medal for your little one to wear and show off. The necklace is perfect if you have a little one who loves accessories, like my Nugget does, and the quality seems sturdy.

So that is what I plan on putting in Nugget’s Big Sister Kit. I hope it helps her feel like the most wonderful big sister I know she is going to be. If you were making this kit up, what would you put in it? Comment below and let me know.

Oh , and no I didn’t forget…here is the Dropbox link for you to download the FREE Silhouette Cut File to use in making your very own Big Sister Kit. Just remember if you are cutting it out on heat transfer vinyl, mirror the image before you cut it.