Our Family Favorites For May 2017

So It’s been a while since I have posted a new blog post. Life has been crazy! We celebrated Nugget’s 4th Birthday this past weekends. Plus there has been so many last minute things to do before the birth of Sprout in just 5 short weeks. Then, to top it all off my OB appointments have gone up to every week due to this pregnancy being considered a high risk. Life will not slow down for me it seems, but from products, to memories, play dates, etc this month has been full of family favorites.

Since time has not been on my side, I decided to write a quick post sharing our family favorites for May. These products may be beauty, household, food, toys, and simply anything else this mommy finds we are loving this month.

So here are a few of our family favorites for the month of May…

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Pixel Magnetic Letters Our Family Favorites For May 2017

I have been trying to find a hands on way to help Nugget learn her letters. I have tried worksheets, coloring pages, do-a-dot pages, etc. She just doesn’t enjoy it and who can blame her. I came across these magnetic letters and she loves them. We use them on a giant white board for the most part, but she does like the little board the comes with it.

Natures Own Life Sugar Free 100% Wheat Bread

I came across this bread a few weeks ago in our local grocery store and decided to give it a try. With gestational diabetes I am always looking for a way to get my bread fix with keeping the carb count low. Plus with it being wheat bread Nugget will eat it too and I don’t have buy two different loafs each week.

Our Family Favorites For May 2017
The Princess in Black

This is one of the best chapter book series I have seen geared toward younger readers. While Nugget can not read yet, this has been a fun book to read with her. She loves that there are a lot of pictures to look at throughout the book and the princess/superhero theme combines two of her favorite things. This is a perfect book series to add to your collection of you are looking to engage your little one in longer stories. This series will continue to be one of our family favorites for years to come!

Our Family Favorites For May 2017Spry Xylitol Gum in Fresh Fruit

As many of you may know, Nugget was recently put to sleep to have dental work done. While most of the work she needed to have done was due to circumstance out of our control, the dentist did recommend a few things to help in the future. One thing she recommended to help fight the occurrence of cavities is to let Nugget chew on a xylitol gum. She said more especially after eating something like gummy snacks. Nugget doesn’t like minty flavored gum, so after some searching I found this gum and she loves it.

Our Family Favorites For May 2017

THERMOS FOOGO 11-Ounce Straw Bottle

I originally bought this to put a Big Sister Decal on and give to Nugget in her Big Sister Kit (see post here). However, with the curve shape of the bottle, it did not work out. So I went ahead and gave it to Nugget to use. We love it! I have had not had to worry about it leaking everywhere and it has been a great bottle for taking water on the go. Especially with the heat of the summer already hitting us hard in the south.


Our Family Favorites For May 2017
Circle of Friends Detangler in Pineapple

I originally bought this detangler in Banana awhile back from Ulta and LOVED it. The smell is great, the consistency of the spray is perfect, and it works wonders in Nugget’s curly hair. I went back to purchase it again and the store no longer carried it. I decided just to get a basic kids detangler and boy did I hate it! So I finally when on Amazon and was able to find this brand again. They didn’t have the banana scent, so we are trying the pineapple, but I love it just as much.


These are just a few of the items that we have purchased in the month of May that have quickly become family favorites. What are some of your family favorites from the recent months? Comment below and let me know! I would love to hear about some of the great products our family is missing out on.