A Look at Our Bookshelf Favorites

Books and reading have been a huge part of my life. From an early age I remember my dad reading Curious George to me, and my mom always seemed to have a book in the car reading on long trips.  To this day my parents keep a bookshelf full of books from my childhood for grandkids, nieces, and nephews to browse through. I love to go through them, remembering which were my favorites, and sharing them with Nugget!

Now as a parent I am continuously working on growing our bookshelf with amazing titles for Nugget and Sprout. My hope is as they grow into adults they love and treasure these books, and reading, as much as I do. About a year ago I came across a consultant who sold for Usborne Books and More! I pick up a few books for Nugget, and my love affair with their books started. Below you will find a few of our favorites from Usborne, as well as a few I purchased off Amazon.

Usborne Bookshelf Favorites
  • You Choose and Just Imagine – these books offer open ended questions and beautifully illustrated pages to help spark the imagination. It is wonderful at creating endless conversations and dialogue between you and your child.Bookshelf
  • Usborne Phonics Readers – these books are great for early reader, but great for little ones too. They have short rhyming sentences that the littles find fun and entertaining. Bonus, the hubby loves reading these as well. Bookshelf

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Amazon Bookshelf Favorites

I have been trying help Nugget learn more about science and nature. I came across this book from The Berenstain Bears (aff link). We love it. It talks about seasons, things in nature, and even introduces kids to simple machines and scientific tools. Bookshelf

Recognizing letters and sounds is another topic we have been working on to prepared Nugget for Kindergarten, and I have fell in love with another amazing book, AlphaTales (aff link). It is a box set that includes 26 books. Each book focuses on a letter and it’s sound. It even comes with a teaching guide and plenty of suggestions to help introduce, and reinforce letter recognition and sounds. In addition , a new animal is introduces in each book and Nugget love the hide-and-seek page and chant at the end.Bookshelf One final book we have been enjoying lately is this I Am a Big Sister (aff link), Book! Nugget loves for us to read about her becoming a big sister.  I love how it is helping prepare her, plus is it gets us talking about the changes to come with the arrival of Sprout. Bookshelf

That is what we are currently loving on our bookshelf! What are some books you and your kids are currently loving? I would love for you all to comment below with any recommendations!

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