Five Daily Must Dos to Feel Accomplished During the Third Trimester

Five Daily Must Dos to Feel Accomplished During the Third Trimester

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing experience, but it can be ROUGH! During the second trimester of pregnancy many of us have a few good weeks of what feels like boundless amounts of energy. We are getting the nursery ready, keeping the house clean, doing the laundry, and getting out the house for some fun. But when we enter into the third trimester of pregnancy, that energy starts to fade. Finding the energy to get tasks accomplished becomes hard. If you are like me, you feel guilty about that. So I made a list of 5 daily must dos to help combat that guilt.

In the morning my energy is at it’s highest. I complete these simple task quickly, and the rest of the day I feel accomplished in my homemaking skills. It keeps the house looking put together and I don’t feel guilty, even if the toilets could use a nice scrub more frequently.

So what are my 5 daily must dos that make me feel accomplished?

Breakfast is a must

I eat a nice high protein breakfast and this helps give me energy to make it though my morning routine.

Do The Dishes

If there are any dishes in the drying rack from the night before put them away and wash up any dishes from breakfast. This keeps the sank free through out the day. If the dishes are not piled up in the sink, I find I am more apt to wash up the few dishes from lunch or snack time, rather than just throwing them on top the pile. This really helps keep the kitchen looking clean and I don’t have to spend what feels like all day washing a sink full of dishes.

Bonus tip: Our house also follows the “I cooked, you clean” rule. Since I cooked, the Hubby knows he cleans up from dinner. After dinner clean up each person is responsible for washing their own dishes.  I detest dirty dishes sitting in the sink over night.

Make up/Straighten up the beds

I must admit I am not one to make my bed everyday. However, if I straighten the bed up I find I feel more accomplished that day. I promise you will feel more comfortable, and accomplished, walking in and out of the room throughout the day, because the room looks more put together. It is amazing how unkempt or dirty a room looks when the bed is not straighten.


A few nights a week before bed I will put on a load of laundry and the Hubby will throw them in the drier before he comes to bed. In the morning I fold the laundry and put it away. It is that simple. This seems to work best for us at the moment. I do not feel like I am stick doing laundry all day, everyday. Plus with the lack of interest and energy I have in doing the laundry this will help keep the hamper from over flowing.

Get out of those pajamas

I do not mean go put a glamourous outfit with a full face of make up and do your hair up nice. Simply get out of the clothes you wore to bed the night before, wash your face, and brush your teeth. Sometime just putting on a pair of stretchy pants with a clean top, and pulling my hair up makes all the difference from just sitting around in what I wore to bed the night before.

If have a little more energy that morning I will choose one extra task to complete. Task may be to run the broom across the kitchen floor, vacuum the living room, or scrub the toilet and sink. That’s it!

I can usually complete these daily must dos within an hour. This is including time spent eating breakfast. Nugget will also help out with trying to make her own bed or helping fold laundry. She is such an eager helper and it makes the task a little more fun.

Depending on your schedule, or energy level, you might not be able to complete all this in the morning. Just come back later in the day and complete the tasks when you can. And if the dishes pile up or the clothes sit in the drier, that is ok too. Your are growing a little human, and that can be more than enough accomplishment for one day :)!

Have you been dealing with low energy levels and the guilt of not getting anything done?  Share below how you have been dealing with lower energy levels in Pregnancy.

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  1. Love the get out of the pjs and make the bed tip. It is crazy how those two little things can make a difference in how you feel!! I am almost 33 weeks pregnant with my third and find these tips great!

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