My Top 10 Phone Apps for a Busy Mom

Aside from the basic social media apps like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram they are very few apps I have on my phone.

I am not one to sit here and play game after game, so what apps I do have on my phone are there to make my life a little easy or to save me a little bit of money!

I thought today I would share with you my top apps. Some you may have heard of, others may be new to you, but I think they are all great apps for a busy mom looking to save time and money!

So here they are and in no particular order

  1. Ibotta

    This is a cash back program. Just head to your grocery store and shop! Check the app for items you buy everyday and scan them in to earn cash back. You can sign up here. When you use this link you get $10 for signing up and I will earn $5.

  2. Amazon

    I love Amazon Prime and shop on there regularly, so I love having this app at my finger tips. If I need a gift or supplies for a project I can get it in 2 days and no need dragging the kiddos to 20 stores to get things.

  3. Cartwheel app from Target

    With this app you can get additional savings to your already 5% when using your Red Card. Download the app, sign up, and scan items as you shop. If there is an additional saving that pops up add it to your list then have the cashier scan to save!phone

  4. Jo-Ann

    You can check out the weekly add for your local store, shop online, and get great coupons that you don’t have to print out! If your a crafter and love to shop Jo-Ann you need this app.

  5. Pic-Collage

    I use this app to create fun and adorable collages of picture to post on social media for friends and family on their birthday’s or special days. I also create cute inspirational quotes. The app is free, but you can pay $1.99 to remove the watermark. You can buy additional backgrounds and stickers, but they have plenty of free cute ones as well.

    Created using Pic-Collage
  6. Starbucks

    If you love Starbucks then I am sure you have signed up for rewards. This app is great to keep up with your rewards, and to store and reload gift cards you get. You earn stars per dollar spent to earn free drinks.

  7. Awesome Calendar-Personal Planner

    I recently came across this calender and fell in love! I can add custom colors for each family member’s events, add cute stickers, and they even have a photo calendar to see what photos I took each day! They have a free version, but I did pay $4.99 for the full version. phone

  8. Pigment – Coloring Book for Adults

    This app is for simply relaxing, because let’s face it as a mom we need some down time. This may not be the app for everyone, but I know for myself and many others coloring is a nice way to unwind, so this is a great app to try. You can go premium and get access to all the features, but I just use the free features. phone

  9. Amazon Music

    What I love about this is it is ad free and with my prime account I can get access to a ton of songs, play list and stations at no charge. I can also create and dowload playlist for myself, the kiddos, and the hubby to play anytime.

  10. Wink

    If you are a busy mom who always forgets to buy and send a birthday card like I do. You have got to check this app out. They have tones of categories to choose from. Some cards are sweet, others are funny, and some a little risqué! phone

So which phone apps do you love? Do you see any you need to try? Comment below to tell us what you think and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

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