Nugget’s Big Sister Kit with FREE Silhouette Cut File

As the arrival of Sprout gets closer and closer I have been thinking about all the things I need to get checked off my list like getting the nursery ready, shopping for those last minute needs, and packing a hospital bag. But the one thing I have found myself most concerned about is Nugget and her transition into becoming a big sister.

As I am sure many second (even 3rd, 4th, etc.) time moms understand the worry that I am feeling. Nugget will be away from Mommy and Daddy longer than she ever has before, and seeing Mommy in the hospital is going to be hard enough without dealing with the idea that Mommy now has another being needing her attention.

I also know it will be hard for her to see Sprout getting so much attention and so many new things, and I don’t want her to feel like she is not as important or special. This is as big of a day for her as anyone else.

So to show her just how amazing she is going to be as a big sister I decided to make her a Big Sister Kit. I plan to fill this bag up with lots of her favorite goodies and have it ready for her when she visits mommy and baby at the hospital.

Big Sister Kit with FREE Silhouette Cut File

Some items I plan on putting in the Big Sister Kit are…

  • Color pencils or crayons
  • Coloring book or drawing pad
  • A personalized book about being a big sister (I am thinking about this book here)
  • Blind bags (her latest obsession in toys)
  • Her favorite Snacks
  • Camera, she has this camera (aff link) already so I will probably just throw it into the bag.
  • Big Sister necklace (here is the one I am planning to order)
  • Big Sister Shirt
  • A new DVD

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UPDATE 4/23: I have purchased the Personalized book and the Necklace from the links above and I LOVE the products! The book’s story is super cute and comes with a medal for your little one to wear and show off. The necklace is perfect if you have a little one who loves accessories, like my Nugget does, and the quality seems sturdy.

So that is what I plan on putting in Nugget’s Big Sister Kit. I hope it helps her feel like the most wonderful big sister I know she is going to be. If you were making this kit up, what would you put in it? Comment below and let me know.

Oh , and no I didn’t forget…here is the Dropbox link for you to download the FREE Silhouette Cut File to use in making your very own Big Sister Kit. Just remember if you are cutting it out on heat transfer vinyl, mirror the image before you cut it.