Tuesday Tip – Simple School Artwork Storage Idea

This weekend we starting cleaning out our office/guestroom to make room for Sprout’s nursery. Oh boy was it a shock. I had not realized exactly just how much stuff we have, or kept from when Nugget was a baby. Plus add in all the hand-me-downs from amazing family and friends, and you got a walk in closet that is busting at the seam. While we did get the office area relocated into our bedroom, the 15+ bins of baby stuff are still waiting for me to go through. I may write a declutter and update post on how that is going soon. But for now I want to share with you my Tuesday Tip for a simple school artwork storage idea.

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During the process of clearing out the office area I came across all the “school” artwork Nugget has done while at her Mom’s Morning Out program over the past year. I kept telling myself I was not going to keep all these papers, but I couldn’t bring myself to throwing them away. So, now I needed a way to store it. I also needed an artwork storage option that would not take up a ton of space. Artwork Storage Solution

I started looking around at what I already had on hand, and I found this empty binder filled with page protectors. It was perfect. I could fill it up with all her artwork, then store it on the shelf. I love that it is now all safe, out of the way, and we can go back to look through it together. So, while the mess of baby gear is still to be contended with, there is at least one less pile of papers cluttering up the space.Artwork Storage Solution

Well that is it for this Tuesday tip. A simple artwork storage solution for your little ones school projects that you can not bear to throw out. What solutions do you have for storing school artwork and projects? Please share by commenting below. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

Artwork Storage Solution
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